Just in case you were wondering, here is what one Central Florida lawyer said about this website:

"I am thoroughly impressed with the content contained in this site and the clear and direct manner in which these complicated laws are explained. I have cross checked most of the content on here and it appears everything stated is true."  - Central Florida Attorney

"WOW !  What a great site, and Thank Google, I typed in all the right words and your site came up.  Yes I own a home in Lime Tree, and dutifully paid my HOA fees for 9 years, after a run up with them over a “late fee"  I was informed if I wanted out, I had to write a letter, but only at the end of each year. Which I did with my last payment in December. Now The lawyer in residence is sending threating letters to my tenants telling them to send the rent payments to the HOA, which might be correct if they first went to the trouble of actually foreclosing or putting a lien on said property which they have not.  Thank You" - Former Member

"If I never found this site I would have been out thousands of dollars dealing with this HOA.  They have been nothing but trouble for me and my family and I am glad to be done with them.  Thank you so much!" - Former Member

"This was all news to me!  I am still trying to wrap my head around all this information!  Thanks! - Former Member

I will post others in the near future...

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