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Want to know a little more about why the HOA has no authority?

The Florida Bar Journal had an excellent article from 2005 that explains the Marketable Record Title Act (MRTA) very clearly.

Also, there was a recent court case identical to the situation in Lime Tree that reasserts the the fact of law that if the C&Rs are not properly renewed, they expire.

See, e.g., Matissek v. Waller, 51 So.3d 625 (Fla. 2d DCA 2011); see also, Judge Lisa Munyon’s March 4, 2011, “Order on Plaintiff’s First Partial Summary Judgment Motion – Marketable Record Title Act,” in Busch v. Sand Lake Hills Homeowners Association, Inc., Case No. 10-CA-11,262.

In Matissek v. Waller, Gerhard and Kelly Beth Matissek built a structure on their property in Pasco County. 
The HOA argued that the Matisseks did not follow the restrictive C&Rs. The Matisseks argued various bases, one being MRTA. The association responded by stating the restrictions were not eliminated because of various later recorded instruments referred to the restrictions and because the restrictions were re-recorded after the Matisseks bought their property.

The Second District Court of Appeal agreed with the Matisseks because the later instruments did not specifically refer to the location in the public records where the original restrictions were located, and because the re-recorded restrictions were outside the chain of title of the Matisseks. As a result, MRTA eliminated the restrictions.

In Lime Tree Village, the same thing has occurred.

None of the muniments of title in the chain of title, beginning with the root title, ever reasserted the original C&Rs by specific reference and the notice of preservation filed by the HOA to preserve the C&Rs was filed well after the 30 year deadline, meaning like the Matisseks, the C&Rs have expired for Lime Tree Village.  Not to mention that when the HOA did file their intent to preserve the C&RS they filed documents that would not apply, such as illegal covenants (and their subsequent notices of invalidation) and amendments that went far beyond the scope of the original C&Rs mentioned in the root title.

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