Exit Letter

Looking to get out of the association but don't know what to say?  Want to get out now but the association is lying to you saying you must continue being subject to their rules and fees for the entire year?

Now it is easier than ever with this boilerplate message that you can cut, paste, and customize for you and your family.

To whom it may concern,

Due to the affects of the Marketable Record Title Act and the fact that none of the muniments of title dating back to the root of title have reasserted the original covenants and restrictions from 1978, any and all restrictions have effectively ceased to exist on this property since 2009.  In regards to the notice of preservation filed by the association in November, 2009, according to Florida Statute 712.08, the association effectively filed a false claim, being that the covenants and restrictions expired earlier that year.  This means that Lime Tree Village Community Club Association, Inc. lacks any authority to act on and enforce the covenants and restrictions that this property were previously subject to.  Effective immediately, Lime Tree Village Community Club Association, Inc. is to halt all activity regarding the the original covenants and restrictions or the ones that were fraudulently preserved in 2009.  

Thank you, 


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