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There is a lot to know and be aware of when owning a home.  For instance, did you know there are several statutes that cover property ownership in a designated homeowners' association, with those laws effecting how exactly you can use your property?

For instance, homeowners' associations are typically not-for-profit corporations.  There are corporate statutes in addition to HOA statutes.  There are also statutes regarding real estate and your covenants and restrictions.  

Here is a short list of those statutes that you can read for yourself.

Florida Statute 617
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Florida Statute §617 This is the Florida law regarding not-for-profit corporations.
Florida Statute §720This is the Florida law regarding homeowners' associations. This applies to mandatory associations so this may not have applied to the HOA. This is because the former HOA attorney, Larsen & Associates, created a "roach motel clause" where it was "voluntary" to join but "mandatory" after that. They felt this loophole got them out of the law and would argue that §720 would not apply because they technically were nor mandatory.

This also does not apply because the C&Rs have expired, meaning there are zero requirements to be a member.  Only  §617 would apply.
Florida Statute §712This is the Florida law regarding the covenants and restrictions (C&Rs) on your property. This is the law that explains when and how your C&Rs expire and how to preserve them.

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