One thing that is always interesting about HOAs and HOA board members is that they love to make rules for everyone else to follow but love to ignore them when they apply to themselves.

If you know of any hypocrisies committed by any of the board members, please feel free to submit them to us so that we can put them on notice!

  • Lime Tree Village is fond of telling people no commercial activity is allowed in the neighborhood, whether it is a commercial vehicle or a business run from home.  Board Director Camille Sterman must not believe that applies to her.  She operates her business, On The Hook, LLC., from her home on Glacier Court.  I guess what is good for the goose is not good for the gander with this crowd.
  • Lime Tree Village posts signs in front of their property on county property promoting their meetings, but put a sign on your own private property and the neighborhood will trespass onto your property and steal your sign because it presents an opposing view.  Isn't that neighborly?

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