HOA Slayer

Have you ever had a dispute with a homeowners association (or one that pretends to be one) that had ever involved an attorney?  Have you ever even had to find an attorney to look into matters regarding association living?

If you haven't, then let me spare you the trouble - it is near impossible to find an attorney to represent individual homeowners.  Let me be more specific - it is hard to find qualified attorneys to represent you as a homeowner fighting an association for one major reason - most attorneys and lawfirms opt to work for associations because that is where the money is.  Sure they can make some money representing one homeowner but there is a lot more to be made from an association with hundreds of homes because instead of that one payday, each and every homeowner becomes a potential paycheck - and a profitable one at that.

Here is another dilemma - because most attorneys familiar with HOA law work primarily for associations, they are fully aware that homeowners will have difficulty finding representation.  On top of that, the state does not regulate associations and prefers to take the backseat on matters they do have jurisdiction over.  This leaves homeowners in a precarious position and associations and their representation are fully aware of that.

Take the case of Dagmaris Maldonado in Lime Tree Village.  The covenants and restrictions expired on the properties of the neighborhood.  The board of directors and their attorney were notified of this fact.  That did not stop the club from pursuing liens and foreclosure against this homeowner for what amounted to a fraudulent and illegal debt.  Several years later the club admitted that the covenants and restrictions expired and they lacked any lien authority, but sadly that homeowner was run out of the neighborhood.  The club sent out in their newsletters all the wonderful things they want to accomplish but not once did you read about how they gave this person back their home that they illegally foreclosed upon.  This is just one example of what can happen when an association and their legal representation go unchecked and the individual is unaware of their rights.

This is where the "HOA Slayer" comes into play.  Meet attorney Fred O'Neal - a Central Florida attorney who exclusively represents homeowners regarding HOA matters due to the fact that representing homeowners and associations would be a conflict of interest.  Mr. O'Neal is an extremely qualified attorney who was instrumental in past successful cases against homeowners associations - including Lime Tree Village.  Also, unlike other attorneys in the area who may represent homeowners against associations, Mr. O'Neal is very familiar with the villages of Williamsburg, meaning the level of detail you would get would be unrivaled.  

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