Inventing New Rules!

Now that the club feels empowered by the revitalization approval from the Department of Economic Opportunity they have decided to invent new rules.  This shouldn't come as a surprise.  The association was fond of doing things they had no legal right to do, like filing liens and foreclose on properties despite lacking any legal authority to do so or dumping pool water into our storm drains because, heck, why not!

So what is it this time?

Apparently, the club feels they can tell you how to park your cars.

Now this may seem trivial but just think about it.  The club insists that they have jurisdiction over the properties of Lime Tree.  They claim this is possible because they gave themselves that authority with a 2002 amendment.  They told the state during the revitalization process that they rule this neighborhood and they presented the state with a list of amended and restated covenants.

Nowhere in those amended and restated covenants (or the original declaration) does there exist a prohibition of parking on the grass.  This is a new rule the association has decided to create out of thin air and undoubtedly enforce.

So why do something like this?

The folks who run the club have nothing better to do then create new rules to run the way you live your life.  Not to mention they feel like they can get away with anything and nobody will stop them.  This is why they attempted to enforce expired restrictions for 6 years, even foreclosing on a single mother because she did not pay them money (that they legally could not collect because the restrictions simply did not exist).

Some may see this as "reasonable" but it always starts with something "reasonable."  In nearby Sand Lake Hills, the association insisted their amendments were only a matter of $100 per year.  What they didn't tell homeowners was that their amendments also granted them authority to access anyone's properties, make any changes they wanted, and stick the property owner with the bill plus various fees.  Don't wait until it is too late.  Before you know it the club will start dictating what colors you can paint your house, what additions can be made, what kind of roofing material can be used, and what kind of window treatment you hang.

Who knows - they may just try to tell you you cannot have any children... oh wait.  They already tried that one (see Baby Girl Sarah Bradley vs Lime Tree Village Community Club Association, Inc.)

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