Lime Tree Village Dumps Chemicals Into Local Waterways?

This website has reported in the past about various matters involving the Williamsburg community of Lime Tree Village and their propensity to make up rules as they go along. Mostly these reports were of the corporation  purporting to be the homeowners association ignoring Florida statutes in an attempt to enforce expired land use restrictions or their blatant lies that they have been caught committing red handed (see previous posts regarding their illegal foreclosures).

A common underlying theme to these posts are that the community is better off with no organization run by volunteers trying operate a private government and that their actions are a huge liability to the homeowners that are members.  March 2nd, 2016 perfectly proved why.

The corporation had closed down their pool and spa for maintenance but what happened afterwards was quite surprising - they dumped thousands of gallons of water into local waterways.

Here are pictures:

Now it is unknown if it was being drained by corporation employees or their contracted help and whether or not they were aware but this is a huge liability for those who wish to be members.  Imagine if the corporation got their way and forced you into membership (along with the risk of forced assessments).  Now imagine if the corporation got caught dumping thousands of gallons of chemicals into fragile water ecosystems.  Imagine the fines they would face.  Now imagine where they would get the money to pay for such fines.  Some homeowners contest that they had drained the pool weeks ago and that the they were just dumping water that had collected during maintenance but that does not negate the fact that only rain water should go down storm drains and that even if the pool contained excess water, it could also have had chemical residues from when it had been full.

Here is an image from the Orlando Storm Drain Marking Project (I understand we are under Orange County but same principles apply):

And this is why they need to leave us homeowners alone - it is one liability after another.

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