Why Revitalize?
They Don't Take Care Of Things!

Why revitalize?

There really is no reason to but some people in the neighborhood want others to pay for their pet projects and they will do nothing to scare you into consenting and joining their corporation.  The revitalization packet contained a letter that claimed you would have to pay nearly $100 for lawn care and over $30/month extra on your water bill.

That is a huge lie!

Ask a homeowner who is not a member today and they will tell you that is not true.

The association claims they take care of the drainage system in the community and if they were gone things would go into disrepair.

Here are a couple pictures of our highly-maintained drainage ditches:

Do you see a drainage pipe?

I don't.

If you cannot see them fully, how do you expect water to flow appropriately?

These drainage ditches are not maintained.  The property belongs to the county and all the association does is mow them.  They do not grade the ditches or unblock the drains.  In fact, by simply mowing and not doing anything else they are contributing to the problem.  What you see are decades of grass clippings and sediment that have accumulated on this "maintained" drainage ditch yet the association claims they have been taking your money and putting it to good use.

Ever notice how everyone's yard floods at the smallest rain shower?

Now you know why.

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