Revitalization? No Way!


Are you under the impression that you have to sign and return the signature page for the association's revitalization packet?

You don't!

Not only that, their insistence in their restated restrictions that there is mandatory membership is wrong and that is because they never acquired 100% of the homeowners to approve in drastically changing the original covenants and restrictions.  This neighborhood was not originally a mandatory one, and by law, if such a change were to occur you would require every homeowner to approve.

Want an example of why this is the case?

Imagine there are three properties.  2 of the homeowners are best friends and they do not like their neighbor so they decide to file a restriction on that person's property stating that their neighbor must now pay them $1000/year.  They file covenants with the county stating 2/3 of the affected parcels approve the change.

How would you feel if you were that one homeowner being forced to pay for something that didn't exist when you bought your property?

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