Another CAM???!!!

Back in July the Association was proud to announce that their foray into outside management utilizing Associa was almost to a close.  This is probably because Associa could not deliver what the Association wanted - utter subservience.  The Association bragged about the record-breaking enforcement threats sent out across the neighborhood, and while some surely complied because they felt intimidated, I for one can attest that these notices were nothing more than illegal, idle threats that some simply ignored.

So, in July, 2015, the Association brought on Tim Broughton to turn things around.  He allegedly had 18 years experience "[working] with many other HOA's [sic]."  A whole new round of enforcement letters were sent out, and again, while some surely complied, they were nothing more than illegal harassment.  The Association's attorney, Karen Wonsettler, sent out threats to some demanding years worth of assessments and legal fees over issues the Association and Wonsettler herself were notified about years prior (the expiration of the covenants and restrictions due to the Marketable Record Title Act) or else they would drag homeowners to court.  Some homeowners responded to these threats and the Association did nothing.


Because their actions were illegal and they could only continue by intimidating those who were ignorant of their rights.  The jig was up and so they would move onto their next mark.  

Fast forward just three months and now we have a new CAM - Kathy Figueroa.  According to the Association, Figueroa comes from a management company but "has never managed a homeowner's association on her own."  It also appears that Figueroa is a real estate agent so it is also fair to say there is a conflict of interest because of who she claims to represent at any given time.  Are a homeowner's best interests taken into consideration when she sells a property in the neighborhood and lies to them, stating the Association is mandatory and they have to pony up the dough to live in their home harassment free?

Also, for those who believe in the Association, do you want some amateur operating a corporation that claims authority over your biggest lifetime investment?

So as always, here is a bit of a reminder for those who have visited this site or are aware of the affects of the MRTA on Lime Tree Village, or those who are new - the covenants and restrictions have expired for this neighborhood.  That means the Association cannot tell you what to do or how you do it.  That means you do not have to pay them hundreds of dollars each year.  This means you can live in your home and not worry that some poorly run corporation may become a liability.

As a warning, please be prepared for renewed illegal enforcement attempts.  Typically these "managers" like to prove their management material by showing results and so they usually bring out the big guns in the beginning to hope we all fall in line so be careful.  Always know your rights and do not be afraid to say "no."

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