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I apologize for the lack of updates recently.  I had made some previous edits but was unaware that they did not show when people visited this site.  I have made the appropriate changes and have made sure that these new features are on full display.  The one change that was, in my opinion, the most important, was a link offering referrals for reputable attorneys in Central Florida who are not only willing to represent homeowners against HOAs, but are also knowledgeable of the various laws that govern them.  In many instances HOAs are such a niche that many attorneys and law firms tend to represent primarily associations because that is where the money is and so other attorneys who may represent individuals may not know the legal nuances.

You can visit the new "Lawyers" page by either clicking here or on the menu to the right.

Currently we only have one attorney listed (Fred O'Neal) but we plan on offering more in the future in the spirit of offering a number of choices for your legal needs (although we have a soft spot for Mr. O'Neal for all the great work he has done in Lime Tree as well as in other neighborhoods in the area).

I would also like to update the neighborhood and reiterate the message of this website to the community that Lime Tree is still covenant free!

Recently the HOA has decided to change management.  This is probably because they changed to a corporate management firm to increase funds, and by funds I mean increased fines and fees on the good homeowners of Lime Tree.  My last post was regarding the HOA gloating about how many violations they had found in the neighborhood in just one month.  The way these companies work is that they enforce the covenants and get a cut.  The problem was that with Lime Tree we have no legal enforceable covenants or restrictions.  That means that they could threaten you with legal notices or invoices all they want, they could not legally collect.  I knew of homeowners that received several enforcement letters from the management company for sill things like a "dirty mailbox."  Those letters were dismissed and nothing came of it.  That is because they could not collect.

So, the HOA has changed management and most likely the new manager probably promised to collect delinquent assessments and enforce the covenants on everyone with a vengeance.  I know of a homeowner who received a letter from the HOA's attorney demanding thousands of dollars in payment for years-old delinquent assessments plus attorney's fees.  This letter was in violation of federal and state debt collection statutes because the HOA and their attorney were notified years ago of their lack of legal authority to collect anything from anyone.  They were notified by an attorney of their illegal actions and guess what?  The HOA backed off!

That's right!

The attorney threatened legal action if the homeowner did not pay.  The homeowner did not pay and the homeowner was left alone (for now).

Sadly this happens everyday but many homeowners just pay because they are scared, and with good reason.  HOAs and their attorneys threaten thousands of dollars in fines and fees when they are in the wrong and many homeowners are unaware of their rights.  So remember - the HOA is acting illegally when they threaten you for non-payment!

If you don't want to be a member then save your money!  Use that to treat your family to a well-earned vacation or make that home improvement project a reality!  The money I saved from not being a member has gone to 2 bathroom remodels, a kitchen remodel, new floors for the entire house, new appliances, attic insulation, re-piping the entire house, etc.  Think about it like this - the HOA promises increased property values through the enforcement of covenants and restrictions.  Sadly that is not how Orange County property appraisals work (I know- I talked to a property appraiser).  What does improve property values are the things I just mentioned above.  Not to mention, these homes are 40 years old.  Improvements like replacing the old aluminum single-pane windows or weatherproofing not only increase property value but also save money by saving on your power bill or increasing your level of comfort.

So again, don't feel intimidated by the HOA.  Live your life and enjoy your home.

Have a great summer! 

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